Beadheaded Bunny

There are cottontail rabbits living somewhere in or near our yard, and they are a frequent sight out my kitchen window. They hop around the yard frequenting the same areas as the foxes.

I love its little rumpled bedhead

I watched as it positioned itself with its back to the tree. Not only was it camouflaged well, but nothing could sneak up behind it. Although the foxes will eat the rabbits if they can, they seem to coexist peacefully most of the time. The foxes go about their fox business, and the bunnies go about their bunny business, and everyone is happy.

They rely on each other to stay balanced and healthy. A meal for the foxes means the rabbits don’t over populate.

I’m not suggesting that people hunt each other, but we could take a lesson from the way the wildlife instinctively lives together in balance and harmony. No one takes more than they need. They share their habitat. And no one gets shamed for showing up with a rumpled bedhead.

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